Mum shares snap of her ‘alternative’ Christmas dinner – and people are very divided over it

A MUM has shared her own take on a traditional Christmas dinner – and people have been left very divided over it.

Mum-of-two Amy Spilman, from Derbyshire, posted a photo of her “alternative” food table she made for her kids and partner yesterday.

Although it featured many of the beloved classics, like a turkey and pigs-in-blankets, there were some unusual extras.

Amy included a homemade cheese board, crisps, pickles, feta stuffed peppers and mini pizzas.

Writing in the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas page, she explained: “Am I the only one that doesn't do a Christmas Dinner?

“It always puzzles me why when everyone says Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and how it's for the kids, that everyone opts for one of their loved ones to be stuck in the kitchen near enough all day cooking a big dinner that the kids don't want to eat because they just want to play with all their new toys.

"I'll make a big roast any other day of the year but Christmas day is party food and turkey cobs (rolls or whatever you call them) and a day to enjoy with my family definitely not stuck in a hot kitchen peeling spuds!"

Many people were left split over the unusual food table.

Some said ditching a traditional roast is preferable as you get to spend more time together as a family rather than cooking in the kitchen.

One said: "We have pizza for Christmas dinner-no complaints from kids, I get to spend time with them instead of stuck in the kitchen-everyone’s a winner!"

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Another added: "I used to do the big Xmas dinner. But over the past few years I've realised our food doesn't have to be the stereotype Xmas meal. 

“I make foods everyone in my family enjoys! More relaxed Christmas and everyone is happy x."

Others said it is better to prep the Christmas meal the night before or days in advance to prevent being bogged down on the day.


One wrote: "That’s why you prep it Xmas eve when the kids are in bed. You serve starter and pudding in paper bowls and plates so the only pots you have to wash are the same as any other toast dinner day. 

“And you all muck in so it’s much quicker and you’re spending time doing it together!"

Amy told Tyla: “When people assumed I wasn’t able to cook a roast, I wasn’t offended, I suppose it is quite logical to assume that the reason for that is because they're not very confident when it comes to cooking.

“However I went to catering college, spent three years working in kitchens and I am no chef but I cook home cooked meals for my family more or less every day.”

She also claims she was put off one year “stressful” and “chaotic” year when she had to cook a three course meal for 11 people at Christmas.

She added: “Christmas day is a chilled out day, we're not working to strict time schedules, we don't have to do any food prep on Christmas eve, we have food available to pick at all day and the rest of the day is spent having fun, opening presents and being with family, which to me, is much more important than sitting down to have a huge Christmas Dinner that the children don't want to eat because they want to play with all their new toys.”

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