Mum warns parents to check their child's homework after daughter used Google & ended up with some terrifying answers

A MUM has warned other parents to check their child's homework after her daughter turned to Google for help, but ended up with a list of terrifying answers 

She explained her daughter, in Year Seven, was doing her music homework about string instruments, and searched the internet for some information. 

The youngster was listing the attributes of a violin, which started off fairly normally as she wrote they're “made of wood, two ways to play, five types of violin.”

Then she lists the different types – and it becomes clear she’s got some additional information from another source.

She writes: “1. Sexual violence, 2. Suicide, 3. Youth, 4, Intimate, 5. Child maintenance.”

It appears rather than looking up ‘violin’, she Googled ‘violence’ instead. 

The task was to find out some facts about violins

The mum was going through her work when she spotted the chilling answers, and shared it as a warning to other parents. 

Sharing a snap of the answer sheet on Mumsnet, she said: “Not AIBU but I wanted as many people to see this as possible – it is a salient warning to check your children's work before sending it back into school…..

“Yr 7, not particularly academic – but this is confirmation if needed that some children just google stuff, copy it down as fast as possible to get their work done, and are not taking it in or doing any actual 'learning' along the way…….. 

“The task was to find out some facts about violins.

“I did laugh myself silly though…. so thought other MNers might enjoy it too. (So glad I noticed it and didn't send it in though)!”

Dozens of people commented on the post, in shock over the girl’s answers. 

One person asked: “How did they get that from googling violins?”

Another wrote: “I thought it was funny. And yes op, glad you checked!!”

A third sad: “As a former teacher (not music though), God bless you for checking in advance.

"Marking directions have got so ridiculous that it would have to have been commented upon!

“Thank you on behalf of all over-worked teachers!”

While this person thought: “There is absolutely no way they thought the last facts were about violins.”

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