My girlfriend’s younger than my daughters & branded a gold digger, we did meet on a website where women hunt rich blokes | The Sun

A COUPLE who found love on a dating site for young women to find rich guys have hit back at trolls who say she is a gold digger.

Semie, 24 first met her partner, Claudio, 60, when she was just 18 thanks to the dating site Seeking Arrangement.

"Seeking is a website where you can date an affluent partner," said Semie who is now enjoying her partner's wealthy lifestyle alongside him.

Since dating, Claudio has showered Semi with Hermès  and Chanel bags and Gucci glasses, but the pair swear what they have is real.

Talking to Truly, the couple revealed not everyone was a fan of their relationship, especially Claudio's daughters.

In fact, Claudio recalled his daughters, 33 and 34, begged him not to date a woman younger than them, but he couldn't help himself when he stumbled across Semie on the matchmaking app.


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Fortunately, after meeting Semie, Claudio's daughters grew to accept the relationship, and even let their kids call Semie grandma.

And they weren't the only ones who were suspicious, Semi's friends revealed they were frightened Claudio would kidnap Semi when they first began dating.

Online, the couple have been the target of vicious trolls who claim Semi is a total 'gold digger' and is just after Claudio's money.

But the pair insist it couldn't be further from the truth declaring their love for each other and showcasing it on social media @_semie.

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The pair say they're relationship works perfectly as Claudio was looking for someone who wasn't demanding after his marriage ended, 'for me, this is the perfect age gap,' he added.

While Semi has always had an eye for a silver fox.

"The judgement we receive online is crazy, there's a lot of hate comments and I feel like more comments, towards me," said Semi.

"If I'm going to dig for something it's not going to be for dirt, it's going to be for gold."

For Semie, she has everything she wants, a comfortable life and money at the tip of her fingers, plus she gets to do it with her best friend.

Reflecting, Semie said: "In age gap relationships you're always going to have judgers, but be unapologetically yourself and show them exactly why their judgement is wrong."

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