My mom disapproves of my outfits but I don’t care – I’ll still wear them, and wiggle in them too | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has faced down her mom's disapproval of her outfit choices with a stylish wiggle.

Generations of young people have had to pass the mom wardrobe thumbs-up test.

But this young lady is the latest to undergo the steely-eyed appraisal, similar to her sisters everywhere.

Brianna's (@librapr1incesssss) is a young content creator from Chicago.

Her post has had wide appeal, attracting over 18,000 likes.

It has also triggered similar experiences from followers, with one moved to comment that: "Moms be the biggest haters.”

In her video, she looked cute in a white strapless crop top with lilac pants and a crystal belt – made by her – around her midriff.

She also had a septum piercing.

“Me ignoring my mom’s disapproval of my outfits," was captioned across the top of the screen.

Then, using a line from the movie Coraline mimicking her mom's displeasure, she said: “Don’t you dare disobey me, Coraline.”

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With a wiggle loaded with attitude, she said: "And still gonna wear it, back talk was unapproved thanks tho.”

The ultimate irony for many was the lilac pants: They were hand-me-downs from her mom.

But Brianna clarified that she wasn't "really talking about this outfit, I’m saying in general.”

Comments wondered what her mom's problem was.

“It’s not even that bad," observed this fan.

Another moaned she could do no right when it came to her clothes choices.

“She’s always complaining about everything I wear even if it's just a comfy outfit. She wants me to dress like her.”

But the final comment was a cheeky one: “Literally favorite thing to do, to be honest," admitted this viewer.

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