My mother-in-law hates my baby's name – she refuses to even say it and has given her a weird nickname instead | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that her mother-in-law hates her baby's name and instead has given the tot her own random nickname.

The mother took to a forum on community sharing platform Reddit to open up about her situation.

She explained that instead of her mother-in-law calling her daughter by her name, Florence, she instead calls her Lauren or Freya.

The mum asked Reddit users for advice on the situation, as she revealed all on her awkward baby name predicament.

She noted: “My partner and I have a 16-day old little girl we decided to call Florence. 

“We went to see his mother today so we could go out and run the other car and get some shopping. 

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“When asked what we had decided on for a name, we said Florence. 

“She wasn’t happy with that. Oh no she said. I’m not calling her that. 

“To which we said Floss, Flossie, Flo, and she said no to those as well.”

But regardless of the woman’s advice for nicknames, she explained that her mother-in-law had other ideas.

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She continued: “She said she was going to call her Lauren (F-Lauren-ce) or Freya (which is my name). 

“We both said that wasn’t her name and we liked it.

“She really doesn’t like it and to be honest we’re both really quite hurt by this. 

“She even said I had such a pretty name why did I give her a name like that. 

“What do we do?”

Reddit users were very supportive of the mother and advised her on how to react to her mother-in-law. 

One person said: “Start calling your mother in law Nigel, until she desists. Whenever your MIL calls your daughter by the wrong name, just say "Oh, Florence, isn't Nigel being silly!".” 

Another added: “Tell her to get over it?” 

A third commented: “Tell her to f**k off? That’s the baby’s name, either respect it or don’t bother to come around her 🤷🏽‍♀️”

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Someone else posted: “Wow your MIL is being incredibly rude.” 

Whilst another user noted: “Echoing the other comments here, tell your partner to get his mother in line. Her behaviour is unacceptable.”

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