My toddler loves drawing on our walls with Sharpie – I use just one product to completely remove any trace of it

IF you have a toddler, you know that permanent markers are their best friends.

And where do they usually look to produce their masterpieces? The crisp white walls of your home, unfortunately.

A woman named Autumn, who goes by @honestlyautumn on TikTok, revealed the trick to easily erase these seemingly permanent scribbles from your walls.

In the clip, her adorable red-haired daughter began innocently scribbling with a sharpie onto an otherwise clean wall.

“Things I wish I knew as a first-time mom,” Autumn began.

She then picked up a bottle of sunscreen, sprayed the stain, and rubbed it down with a rag.

The black marker instantly began to drip down the wall and was then erased completely by her rag.

The internet was mind-blown:

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“Bro WHAT?! AHHHHHH,” one user excitedly wrote.

“Thank you!! My son just turned 2 and is into the coloring stage. This will help a lot if he gets it on the walls,” chimed another.

TikTok is an easy place for parents to find useful tips like this one.

Another mom, Crystal, posted a video on her holistic parenting TikTok account called @holistichomejourney that offered a hack for feeding fussy kids.

“Do you have kids that don’t really like to eat meals but will snack all day long, which is really frustrating because you have things to do? Me too,” she began.

“Get some bento boxes and fill it up with way more food than you know your kid would eat in a sitting.

“Sweet food, salty food, healthy food, snack food – all of it.”

An added bonus about these bento boxes is that they can be easily transported— their small size means you can store them in a cooler if you’re on the go, or keep them in the fridge when you’re at home.

She explained: “Every time your child is hungry, they get their bento box.

“When they’re done eating, they put it back in the cooler or the fridge.”

She then showed her own children’s half-eaten bento boxes and shared what meals and snacks it covered by lunchtime.

“So far today with bento boxes that look exactly like the ones I just showed you, my kids ate breakfast, they had a snack at the gym, they had a snack in the car on the way to the grocery store, a snack in the grocery store, and now they are eating the rest of it for lunch,” she noted.

“That means it’s four times today that I didn’t have to think of and prepare a snack,” she concluded. 

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