Parents mocked for shockingly bad baby name – people say the little girl is bound to grow up to be ‘toxic’ | The Sun

A PARTICULARLY unique baby name has been a target of criticism.

Social media users are discussing everything they think is wrong with the moniker.

In a TikTok video, a woman on the account slowly revealed a name that stirred the comments section up.

"Please someone tell me this is not real," the video's caption read.

And while bad baby names aren't unheard of, this one seems to take the cake.

It turns out it's actually the name of a huge nuclear accident that happened in 1986.

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The name in question is "Chernobyl."

People in the comments section of the video shared similar feelings about the name.

"I’d almost say that name is toxic," one wrote, while another user mirroring the same sentiment added, "Grows up to inevitably become a toxic woman."

Referencing the fatal nuclear explosion, one user wrote: "This is in the category of 'names that might be nice if they didn’t mean what they meant.'”

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"The gasp I gusped," said another.

"Lord have mercy," a taken aback viewer said.

"Who doesn’t want to name their child after a Nuclear disaster?" another sarcastic viewer added.

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