Single mum defends massive grocery stash after people accuse of stockpiling – and she hasn’t been to a shop for months

A SINGLE mum from Australia has hit back at critics who've shamed her massive stockpile, and claims that she hasn't been "panic buying" and that she's simply preparing long-term for "potential job loss, economic crisis or even a war".

Australia is experiencing a second wave of coronavirus cases with supermarket restrictions once again in place over fears panic buying will cause another round of food shortages.

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But the woman claims that she is not to blame and that "she hasn't been to the store for three months" and instead has been picking up discounted items over the past year and a half.

The mum, from Melbourne Australia, shared a snap of her well-stocked pantry online, which shows a generous amount of canned goods, water bottles, cereal boxes, chips and other packaged foods stowed away to feed her three children.

In response to a string angry comments from fellow Aussies, the mum said: "I am not the reason the stores have been emptied during this pandemic as I haven't been to the store in three months.

"So in fact there is more on the shelves as my family hasn't needed to purchase anything."

The mum has been solely relying on her stash to cover the family since January, Mail Online reports, so there has been no need for her to pick up any more grocery items for the store – particularly toilet paper.

"I believe in having emergency supplies in case s*** hits the fan, case in point being this pandemic, but I also prep in case of job loss, economic crisis or god forbid a war," she said.  

And continued: "'It is not my issue you failed to prepare prior to this pandemic… Don't attack me because I happened to start stocking up 18 months ago."

The single mum argued that she "isn't made of money" and that one of the main reasons she started collecting food on a mass scale is because she has a special needs child who requires specialist treatment.

She also suffers from heart failure that calls for expensive clinical care, so picking up discounted items when she sees them helps to keep the grocery bill down.

"Prior to stockpiling there would be weeks we had no food and I'd have to seek help, so now I stockpile and prep when we have back-to-back appointments so my kids are still fed," she said. 

For now, the mum-off three will "respectfully" stay out of the shops , but plans on returning to her stockpiling habit once the pandemic is over.

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