Stay-at-home wife reveals 7 ‘exhausting requirements’ of being a millionaire wife – including 3 hour daily salon visits | The Sun

A RICH stay-at-home-wife has revealed the seven ‘exhausting’ requirements of being married to a millionaire. 

Soudi, who lives with her millionaire man Jamal in the influencer hotspot Dubai, claimed that being a wife to a rich man is actually like a ‘full time job’ and is not as simple as you might expect.

Not only is there pressure to look fabulous at all times, but Soudi claimed that you also have to wear painful diamond shoes.

As well as this, Soudi claimed that she has to spend three hours in the salon, every day, to ensure that her nails are on fleek.

Sharing an insight into her lavish lifestyle on social media, Soudi revealed the “requirements to be a millionaire wifey in Dubai” as she wrote: “This is my full time job and it’s exhausting.” 

Soudi first showed off a pair of her bedazzled Jimmy Choo court heels, as she wrote: “Wear diamond encrusted painful shoes.”

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We then saw Soudi’s husband Jamal in a fur shop, as he held an expensive coat for Soudi.

The rich housewife then penned: “Spend as much money as possible.” 

Not only this, but Soudi filmed herself trying on a stunning gown, as she revealed the immense pressure to look fabulous at all times.

She shared: “Always look 10/10 for every event invite.”

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But it’s not just clothing that’s got to be on point, as following this, Soudi shared a close-up look at her getting a glamorous acrylic manicure.

To this, she shared: “Spend three hours in the salon daily for perfection.” 

If you’re hungry, you’ll want to look away, as Soudi then filmed a delicious sushi platter in a fancy restaurant.

She claimed that as a result of being a millionaire’s wife, you have to “always be hungry to eat Michelin starred food.” 

Soudi then filmed her sitting with a young child, and shortly after, we saw her holding her man’s hand, as she wrote: “Always take care of hubby and his family.”

But that’s not all, as we also saw a lavish hotel room, with a beautiful bed made gold covers.

Soudi claimed that as a result of being married to a millionaire, she has to “be ready for random business trips.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @soudiofarabia, has clearly left many totally stunned, as it has quickly racked up a staggering 308,900 views.

But social media users were left divided at the clip – while some admitted that they would love a lifestyle like Soudi’s, others were quick to slam the rich housewife.

One person said: “Spend 3 hours in the salon sounds like a bliss. That's my total budget for for 3 months.”

Another added: “I could do that!” 

A third commented: “I wanna live that life.” 

However, not everyone was as kind.

One user penned: “Gold digger.”

A second claimed: “Look boring af.”

Someone else joked: “Yeah, must be rough!” 

Whilst another rudely remarked: “This prolly the most materialistic money dependent person I’ve ever seen.” 

Meanwhile, one user asked: “Why isn't this woman on Dubai's Bling.”

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To this, Soudi replied and claimed: “I declined the offer.” 

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