Supermodels Have Moved on to Another It Sneaker — and It's Selling out Fast

I've decided Emily Ratajkowski is like the off-duty supermodel sneaker North Star. She's often spotted wearing comfortable footwear while out in New York with her stroller, but every time she wears a sneaker, it sells out. Weeks later, other supermodels are seen wearing them, too, and then just when it's restocked and everywhere, Ratajkowski wears a different pair. And thus, the summer supermodel sneaker cycle continues. 

Over the holiday weekend, Ratajkowski wore a pair of New Balance 574 sneakers that are now sold out at multiple retailers, naturally. That's essentially what happens when someone who is lauded not just as a beautiful famous person but also as a style icon wears a cute and comfortable sneaker that costs under $100. 

Shop now: $80;

Thankfully, I couldn't take no for an answer and hunted down where to find the exact style in stock, and Amazon didn't disappoint. There are actually so many options available that you can't find elsewhere, which is great because there is something for everyone. Of course, they're all Ratajkowski-approved and every single version costs under $100.

Ratajkowski's pair was white with a red New Balance logo. There are a handful more colorful options that feel ideal for summer, like the pastel version that comes in subtle yellow or bright blue. For a more neutral option, there's the 574 Evergreen that comes in multiple shades of gray, dark green, or black. And if you are actually intending on using sneakers for theirGod given purpose (working out) there's even a sports version!  


But in my humble opinion, that's less fun. Ratajkowski is truly demonstrating the best way to wear a sneaker — with everything while going everywhere. Sometimes she wears New Balances out in the Hamptons. Other times she wears them in SoHo with her baby. Of course, she is also a styling pro and instantly gives me tons of outfit inspiration every time she wears them. Unlike some other celebrity on-the-go looks, Ratajkowski's sneaker looks feel incredibly attainable, relatable, and best of all, easy. 

These New Balance sneakers feel even more remarkable than her Reebok phase, mostly because fashion editors have been pairing New Balance with slip dresses and mini skirts to fashion weeks for years. So it's a natural sneaker trend transition. Now, let's all collectively make sure to not miss out while they're still in stock on Amazon. The one thing that's certain about the supermodel sneaker cycle is that the sold-out absolutely everywhere phase is coming soon.

Shop the latest supermodel summer sneaker trend below before it sells out. 

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