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THIS is the sweet moment Meghan Markle showed support to Prince Harry with a cute hand gesture during a royal walkabout.

The Prince of Wales, Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with well-wishers on Saturday evening as they viewed thousands of touching floral tributes left for The Queen.

The four royals chatted and shook hands with members of the public at Windsor's Long Walk as hundreds gathered to pay their respects to Her Majesty.

It was seen as an effort to leave the couples' fractious rift to one side and present a united front.

It comes as…

  • The King pledged to follow his mother's selfless duty in an emotional address at Westminster Hall
  • Charles and Camilla jet off to Edinburgh for an emotional procession following the Queen's coffin
  • It's revealed Prince Andrew ‘will have central role’ at the Queen’s funeral – despite stepping back from royal duties
  • But the Duke of York is banned from wearing military uniform at the service
  • Prince Harry thanks his beloved 'granny' the Queen in heartfelt tribute before referencing his 'darling wife' Meghan
  • Brits will hold a minute’s silence on Sunday night to honour the late Queen Elizabeth

But body language displayed by Harry and Meghan gave clues to the Sussex's true feelings – with some surprising revelations.

One such sign was an adorable thumb rub Meghan appeared to be giving Harry as the pair read tributes to The Queen.

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What makes the cute gesture standout is that Harry appeared to do the exact same caress to Meghan on their wedding day back in 2018.

At the time, Prince Harry could be seen facing his bride, absolutely transfixed as he rubbed her thumb.

Meghan looked on anxiously.

Speaking to The Sun, body language expert Judi James suggested the gesture could be a "support" signal the pair give each other.

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Ms James explained: "Once the couple were able to hold hands and fall back slightly for the walk she looked more assured.

"And it was her thumb rubbing Harry’s in the clasp to show the need for support had shifted from her to him."

Ms James reckons the pair comfort each other with thumb rubs when they are feeling discomfort or concern.

But the body language expert went on to suggest Meghan's discomfort was counter-balanced by the crowd.

Well-wishers at Windsor offered a warmth which "created a more relaxed Meghan and Harry", Judi James noted.

But this was not long-lasting.

After doing the rounds, the two couples re-grouped at the end and the the mood changed to one of "awkwardness".

It was her thumb rubbing Harry’s in the clasp to show the need for support had shifted from her to him

Ms James said: "As Kate opened her own car door, jumping into the front seat, Meghan paused."

This prompted Harry to open his wife’s door and "steer her into her seat".

It is a sign that "awkwardness returned" when the Sussexes were back in the company of William and Kate.

At 2.35pm today, King Charles III will lead the Royal Family on foot in a poignant procession behind The Queen's coffin when it travels through Edinburgh today.

Her Majesty will be taken from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to nearby St Giles' Cathedral in a sombre journey to allow the public to pay their respects.

It is unclear whether Princes William and Harry and wives Kate and Meghan Markle will be involved in the procession – but there is speculation they will be part of the cortege.

The feuding brothers are thought to be walking side-by-side on both Wednesday, when their grandmother arrives in London, and next Monday for The Queen's funeral.

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