The Queen will never wear red or green for her Christmas speech despite them being festive favourites

THE Queen will never wear red or green to deliver her annual Christmas speech, a royal insider has revealed.

Angela Kelly, the monarch’s personal assistant, claimed the 93-year-old will never wear the colours for the broadcast, despite being fond of them.

The shades, which are typically festive, are shunned by the Queen for a very good reason – they’re not captured well by cameras.

Angela, the Queen’s ‘personal advisor, curator, wardrobe and in-house designer’ explained how she chooses her outfit for the annual message.

Writing in her tell-all book, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe, Angela revealed the outfit is planned weeks in advance.

Angela explained she gets all the details for the set from the broadcasters, and then plans a selection of suitable outfits.

She said: “Firstly, I ask what colours and decorations they’re planning to use for the scene and they’ll give me a detailed description, including which furniture will be featured and how the tree will be decorated.

“I then pick out a selection of outfits for The Queen based on the colours chosen for the setting.”

The Queen – who is known for her love of bright colours – has been known to wear lilac, blue, ivory and peach in previous years.

Angela said that red and green are never included in the potential outfits, as she feared the Queen might clash with the tree in green and red doesn’t show up well on screens.

She added: “Ultimately, I leave it up to the production team to decide on the final outfit as the camera crews and producers know what will work and what won’t: red, for example, is difficult to capture on camera, and in green, Her Majesty might disappear into the background, depending on the positioning of the tree.”

Royals often use their clothing to make statements, with colours and brands chosen with great care.

The Queen previously revealed she favours brighter colours so she can be seen easily in a crowd.

In 2017 royal fans thought the monarch was making a political statement when she wore a blue outfit with yellow flowers to read the Queen's speech, as the colours matched the European flag.

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