These Headbands Make You Look Like A Renaissance Painting In The Most Fashionable Way

Headbands reached their peak when Blair Waldorf sat atop the Met Museum stairs, but one brand is here to make them a staple again. The Bluetiful Milano headband brings a new take to the hair accessory, and the brand’s headpiece will make you look like a Renaissance painting. You will be tempted to put on a ruff with your outfit, and the fashion world won’t be made about it.

Bluetiful Milano is created by two friends, Marta and Martina, who met in their hometown of Milan. The word "Bluetiful" is a play on the word "beautiful", but with one small tweak. This subtle change reflects the accessory brand’s spirit: slightly adjust the classic beauty for a more fresh, modern one.

Taking inspiration from the Renaissance world, Bluetiful Milano’s first collection is made of padded headbands that mimic both courtesan head ware and holy auras in museum paintings.

"We love to set our projects in a sophisticated scenario: a mix of old ambiance and fresh trends with a kinky twist," the brand’s site reads.

The collection of headbands are made in numerous different textures and fabrics, and they come in a series of different colors. Or if you’re looking for a finishing accessory for a particular outfit you have in mind, Bluetiful Milano is also available for bespoke hand dyeing upon request. Every piece in its collection is handmade in Italy by crafts women, and there are so many versions to pick from you will want them all.

Right now there are six mini collections. The Classic Velvet Collection ($76) comes in six different color shades: black, white, navy, red, dark yellow, or celeste.

The Technicolor Velvet Collection ($88) is a more maximalist version of the original collection, offering shoppers jewel tones and neon shades. There are six colors available: fuchsia, pale yellow, turquoise, royal blue, orange, and a neon green called "dark kiwi."

The Pastel Velvet Collection ($88) is a limited edition collection inspired by the blossoms of spring. It’s sweet and perfect for chiffon dresses and color blocked suits. It has four colors available: lilac, kiwi, rose, and pale blue.

The Shiny Velvet Collection ($99) adds a little more sparkle to your outfit. The collection is inspired by the colors of the universe, and will give you that halo effect that is seen in Renaissance photos. "They shine like moon, planets and stars," the product description reads. There are three shades to choose from: yellow mustard, light pink, and silver.

Next up is the Satin Collection ($121), and it’s a limited edition summer collection that "is inspired by the waves of the Italian sea." The headbands are made from cotton satin fabrics, and there are six shades to choose from: red, cream, yellow, salvia (which is a metallic green), black, and rosa.

Lastly, the Vialattea Capsule Collection ($92) is a collaboration with We Are Lovers, and is inspired by the galaxies full of stars. “Via Lattea” is the Italian word for Milky Way, and the black velvet headband is dotted with crystals and shimmering beads. The collection is coming soon, but you can pre-order right now.

For an unexpected hair accessory this summer, look no further than these 17th-century headbands. Everyone will be asking where you got it.

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