Think you've had a bad date? Ask these poor singletons, who accidentally smooched their cousin & met up with pal's dad

FROM no-shows to shocking bedroom revelations and drunken disasters, we’ve all had our fair share of dodgy dates.

But now best friends Daisy King, 27, and Alexina, 28, are offering singletons the chance to get a £100 refund for their disastrous date nights out.

The creative duo have set up a new website, Refund My S**t Date, offering fed-up daters the chance to anonymously share their romantic nightmares for a chance at winning the £100 – and it's taken the internet by storm.

Art director Daisy tells Sun Online: “The website is anonymous. It’s real and it’s messy, which is why I think people like it."

And sure enough, some of the entries are truly jaw-dropping.

While one anonymous singleton described being given their own bunk bed after going back to their date's house, another admitted the night went south when they found out they were actually related.

Meanwhile, another was greeted by their friend's dad when they ventured out, while one paid £215 – only to discover their date was married.

Alexina – who wrote a song called Where Are All The Boys after her own disappointing dating experiences – says: “Opening the doors to online dating is brilliant in one way because you can meet so many people, but you’re also hiding behind a screen and that allows for really bad behaviour.”

The running total spent on terrible dates so far has exceeded £1 million. Here are some of the top contenders for most disastrous meet-up…

'I was given my own bunk bed'

'His wife walked in'

'We were related!'

'It was my friend's dad!'

'I broke the news his ex was pregnant'

'We accidentally crashed a wake'

'She thought I lived at Buckingham Palace'

'He was on 8pm curfew'

'He discussed having a hot tub orgy'

'He drank out of the duck pond'

'Her mum had to approve of my shoes'

'She invited her dad to join us'

'They blamed belly ache on ME'

'He drank gravy off his plate'

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