Trolls say my lips look wonky but I don't care – now I’ve finally got them done I’ll definitely plump them again | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has promised she will get her lips done again despite people saying they look uneven after the first syringe of filler.

For a while, Libby Mae, 20, from Leeds, had been joking about getting lip filler – but one day, the joke was no longer a joke and she finally made the decision to add some volume to her pout.

Although her lips weren't ''tiny'' to begin with, the young woman explained that whenever she smiled her top lip was almost invisible due to her ''big teeth''.

Wanting to go for a more natural look, Libby visited an aesthetics clinic, where the injector first applied numbing cream before pumping in the filler.

Despite experiencing a strange sensation when the needle went through her lips, Libby seemed to be happy with how they turned out and even went as far as saying she loved the result.

Showing off the new pout after the appointment, the 20-year-old said: ''They look a lot better when I smile because I've got quite big teeth.

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''Obviously, they're a bit swollen at the minute. I didn't get much in, I got more of, like, a natural look.''

However, despite Libby being in love with the new, more plump pout, which she promised to make even bigger in just over two weeks, people on the internet were quick to point out that the top lip looked uneven.

Whilst many chuckled nicknaming her ''Wonky Mae'', others were convinced the beauty expert had forgotten to do the other side.

''Why’s one side lifted but the other isn’t,'' one person wondered.

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''She’s put too much on the left compared to the right,'' another penned.

Seeing the fresh pout, some even said she needed to visit the clinic again.

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''you need then re done they badddd,'' wrote a TikTok user.

''When are you getting the other half done?,'' a fourth asked.

Fortunately, it wasn't all negative, as many took it to comments to show their support, like this viewer.

''They look quite nice and suit you dont listen to hate libby mae [sic].''

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Someone else agreed: ''They look nice !''

An eagle-eyed fan explained: ''If you go back on other vids. When she talks. They're a slight slant anyway…Plus they are swollen atm [at the moment]. Chill like.''

@tmsaesthetics the best ???Thankyou so much, I love them!!!!

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