UNITED ARROWS Dresses G-SHOCK AW-500 in Handsome Charcoal Steel

UNITED ARROWS doesn’t get as much G-SHOCK love as its competitor, BEAMS, but the Japanese retailer still drops a sophisticated Casio timepiece from time to time. Its latest bespoke G-SHOCK is a clean revision of the retro AW-500, the first analog-digital G-SHOCK that was introduced back in 1989.

This collaborative edition is a nod to the special G-SHOCK AW-500 that UNITED ARROWS issued in 1996, slightly updated with contemporary tech. Realized entirely in stainless steel, the tough, Japanese-made timepiece is given a sleek charcoal facade that’s only offset by flecks of gold on the hands, markers and G-SHOCK logo. UNITED ARROWS branding graces the case’s rear to reiterate the joint effort, while the strap is fastened with an easily adjustable clasp. Naturally, it comes cushioned in an equally elegant co-branded box.

Pre-order the unique G-SHOCK AW-500 on UNITED ARROWS’ web store for ¥77,000 JPY (approximately $740 USD) before it launches later this month.

Recently, artist Jahan Loh dreamed up a series of Romance of the Three Kingdoms-inspired G-SHOCK watches.
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