We ordered a black birthday cake… it was all fun and games until we realised there was a major downside | The Sun

RED velvet, cream caramel, chocolate truffle… there are dozens of different cakes to choose from.

And to celebrate his big day, one Aussie bloke decided to order a black birthday cake – but little did he know there would be major consequences.

The hilarious incident was shared by Lily (@lovezlily), from Syndey, who is believed to be the man's girlfriend, and it's since gone viral on TikTok.

The video, which has been viewed almost 740,000 times so far, sees the birthday boy posing in front of the stunning cake that's covered in black frosting.

After everyone's done taking photos and singing to him, they all tucked in the delicious cake without much thinking.

But as they started chatting to one another, they quickly realised their pearly whites were anything but bright – the black colour had left them with a grey tint.

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In hysterics, the guests laughed at the camera and showed off their new smiles.

''This was the last thing I thought would happen,'' Lily wrote in the caption.

It's safe to say, the clip has left everyone in stitches, with many saying the teeth were the least of their concerns.

''Wait until you go to the toilet,'' one chuckled.

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Someone else had a similar experience, writing: ''Got the same cake for my bday from Riso cakes too!! It was an all white party too.''

Another shared their horror story: ''One time we had a black bday cake and someone got too drunk, the throw up was all black.''

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Unfortunately, Lily's not the only one who's experienced a major cake fail – recently one bloke was mortified when he saw what had been delivered on his doorstep.

Planning a birthday is no joke – there's invitations to send, food to arrange, decorations to sort out…

To make his little a little easier, the rising YouTube star, Robert Tolppi, decided to have a bakery make a cake – and he even found a stunning design to order.

In his mind, he would serve a red velvet cake with black roses.

But upon opening the delivered treat, Robert was mortified and quickly realised the major error he had made.

Rather than sending a snap of the cake he wanted, the YouTuber attached the wrong image by mistake – it was a close-up selfie of the bloke looking rather stern.

It appears that the bakery did not question Robert about wanting a cake that is a replica of his face and did not ask him if that's what he truly wanted – because when he opened the box, he saw his own reflection.

Mortified and unsure what else to do, Robert decided to stick a few candles and go forward with the celebrations anyway.

''At least it was a red velvet cake,'' he chuckled in the caption of the video uploaded on TikTok.

The unfortunate fail has since gone viral, racking up over a 741k views in just a few hours.

And it's safe to say, social media users were in hysterics, with one writing: ''they must get some weird requests if they didn't automatically question the picture lmao.''

Another laughed: ''Task failed successfully.''

Many also thought the face cake was, in fact, better than what he had originally wanted.

''the face cake is totally better. So it’s a happy accident.''

''First face cake i've ever seen that doesn't look completely butchered,'' someone else added.

''THATS HILARIOUS. but it turned out so cool!!!'' a fan penned.

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