Woman in tears after accidentally waxing off her EYELASHES when trying to tackle her bushy brows at home

DIY beauty jobs may sound like a great idea, but sometimes it's best to leave it to the professionals.

And one woman found that out the hard way after nearly waxing off her eyelashes while attempting to tidy up her eyebrows at home.

TikTok user @ilikechickfilasomuch decided to forgo the salon and tackle her bushy brows herself with a DIY waxing kit.

It all started off so well, with the beauty fan successfully taming her unibrow with just one strip of wax and being left impressed with the result.

"Ow," she said, before revealing: "Oh, it worked."

Moving on to her under eyebrow, the woman came into a spot of trouble, with the wax not peeling off as easy on one brow.

On the other, it seeped down onto her eyelash – congealing her lashes together, with woman attempting to peel off the wax without removing them.

Fellow beauty fans were left wincing over the waxing fail, with hundreds commenting on the video that has been watched thousands of times online.

"WHAT ARE YOU OKAY," commented one person.


A third posted: "That escalated fast."

While the woman assured viewers she was "OK" following the mishap, others pointed out where she was going wrong with her technique.

"Um you pulled it the wrong way," one person pointed out.

Another suggested she covered her eyelashes first before waxing, as they wrote: "I was afraid that might happen. Next time try to put something like plastic to cover your eyelashes and tell someone to wax it for you."

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