Woman reveals clever hot water bottle hack to keep you cool at night during the heatwave

BRITS have been flocking to their gardens, parks and the puts to lap every bit of sunshine they can, but sometimes you can get too hot.

One woman shares her incredible hack that will keep you cool when you go to bed at night.

Sam Batterson revealed to TikTok her clever water bottle trick that she uses when the UK is going through a heatwave.

She says: “Fill your hot water bottle up with half cold water, then put it in the freezer.

“I put mine in all day.”

Sam then proceeds to tuck the frozen hot water bottle into her bed and pulls over the covers.

“I put mine in about an hour before you go to sleep,” Sam says.

Once she’s ready for bed, Sam moves the now slightly de-frosted water bottle out from under the covers and into her pillowcase.

She says: “Put it in your pillowcase, or just rest on it – it’s amazing!”

People flooded into the comments, praising Sam for her ingenuity.

One user wrote: “Why have I never thought of this before?!?!? COLD PILLOWS. I’m so excited.”

Another person said: “I’ve been doing this all week, it’s amazing.”

However, Sam did have some warnings for those wanting to try the hack.

She wrote: “Three things – 1) Please don’t do this too often as the ice can damage the seal.

“2) Only fill it 2/3s up as it expands!!

“3) Be careful of ice burns.”

The video has been watched over 976,400 times and amassed over 123,200 likes, prompting thousands of people to try the tip for themselves.

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