Woman shares her DIY ‘crisp library’ using bookshelves – and now everyone wants one

A WOMAN who turned an old bookshelf into a 'snack library' has been hailed a 'genius' online as people clamour to copy her idea at home.

The hilarious hack keeps all her crisp packets organised and orderly while others have been sharing photos of their own snack stashes in response.

Sharing a photo of her perfectly organised snack collection to the Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the woman said: "Forget hot chocolate stations, here's my crisp library."

The photo shows 26 packets fo savoury snacks including McCoy's, Pringles and Doritos stacked on bookshelves and in baskets.

Fellow snack fans rushed to comment the woman on her smart hack, with one person musing,"Now you're talking! Much more my style than a hot chocolate station."

A second person said: "Thought I was the only one! Lol"

Another chimed in: "Yep looks very similar to what I've got, got my own crisp collection ready for when needing some munchies."

One cheeky person responded with: "Maybe I could borrow a few just to read of course lol."

Somebody else enquired: "Is this alphabetical or colour coded?!"

Many tagged a mate in the post, leaving comments like, "This is me," or "You needs this."

The 'crisp library' has been such a hit online, it's prompted other to share snaps of their own impressive snack collections.

Some revealed huge tubs overflowing with dozens of packets of savoury snacks, while others shared pictures of perfectly organised baskets and tubs.

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