Woman suspects her boyfriend’s cheating so returns early from a girls’ holiday – and catches him in the act

A WOMAN who claims to have caught her cheating boyfriend – and his adulteress – on camera has shared a clip of their angry altercation online.

The TikTok user posted three separate videos of her alleged ordeal on the video sharing app.

The shocking footage has received millions of views, with one clip alone racking up two million likes.

The clips appear to show the woman walking up the driveway to the home she says she shared with her ex boyfriend, who she was with for six years.

The video is captioned: "Found out he was cheating the day before so I came back early from a girls weekend to catch him red handed."

She walks into the room to find the man standing by the door, while a blonde woman sits on the sofa.

In the clip, she says: "Surprise, b****s! Get the f**k out of my house."

"You want to go live with her?

You're moving out on the street right now. How's that feel?"

It appears the relationship ended then and there, with the woman's ex quickly moving on to couple up with the girl he cheated on her with.

A video of two people, which appears to be the woman's ex and his new girlfriend, walking side by side is captioned: "Went to switch the cable bill to my name with my ex and his girlfriend he cheated on me with.

"She had to come to because I cannot be trusted."

Her videos have received an outpouring of support from other TikTok users.

"Oh girl I've been here," one woman said. "I wish I had a video of mine. Good for you. You handled it a lot better than I did when I walked in."

A second said: "I am sorry for what you have gone through at least you were smart enough to be on to what was going on. You deserve better."

A third person sympathised: "I would have done the same. Then I would have broken down into a billion pieces and cried my soul out."

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