Woman with no legs horrified after supermarket shopper yells at her for parking in a disabled spot

A WOMAN with no legs was left horrified after an angry supermarket shopper told her off for being in a disabled parking spot. 

US-based Jessica Long, 28, who has won one gold, three silver, and two bronze medals at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio for swimming, shared the upsetting encounter on TikTok. 

She hit back at the unnamed person for assuming she had no right to park in the spot, even though she had a handicap parking permit as proof.

Jessica said in the video: “So, it just happened again. I was parking my car — and I hope she sees this — this woman just has the nerve to look me up and down disgusted that I parked in the handicapped spot.

“I get two to four comments per week, just going about my normal routine and parking in handicap spaces.

“I’ve had people yell at me, leave notes on my windshield, knock on my car window, or wait for me to get out of my car just to tell me I can’t park there.”

Jessica shared how her worst experience was when an older couple followed her around a supermarket and then told her she didn’t need the handicap spot.

When she explained how she has prosthetic limbs, the couple labelled her a “liar.”

Jessica uploaded the video to tell people to avoid making assumptions about people’s disabilities. 

It has since racked up 4.2million views and has clearly struck a chord with TikTok users. 

One said: “Adults can be more of a bully than kids”, while another added: “That’s why I’m terrified to use my pass, even on pain days.”

Jessica, who was born with a birth defect called fibular hemimelia, said: “I get it, I don’t ‘look’ handicapped, but what does that even mean?! I’ve been through more surgeries than I can count. 

“My whole life I’ve had to adapt. I rely on my handicap pass. Every day is different… some days my legs don’t hurt as bad, but for the most part, they cause me pain. 

“So, when I park in a handicapped spot, I actually need it. There are some people who will abuse handicap parking, but mostly I believe people need it.”

She told BuzzFeed: “I was missing my fibula bones and several other bones in my lower legs.

“I did have a little foot with three toes on each leg.

“My adoptive parents had those amputated when I was 18 months old so I could be fitted with prosthetic legs and learn to walk.”

She started swimming in her grandparent’s pool, and at age 12, was the youngest member of the US Paralympics team. 

She won three gold medals during her debut at the Athens 2004 Games.

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