Beano release their first ever family-fun recipe book with simple recipes

Beano has created the iconic comic’s first ever cookbook – designed to help families make their food go further.

Bananaman is joined by a new sidekick, adventurer Ben Fogle, who appears in Beano-like form on the front cover of the book.

Other familiar faces in the book, created in partnership with Ocado, include Dennis and his trusty dog Gnasher, as well as a host of other cartoon characters.

Among some of the tasty recipes in the book include Nearly Gone-offee Pie, Bangers and Gnash and Jammy Dodger French Toast.

Also on the menu is Soft ‘n’ Squishy Tomato Pasta, which uses past-their-freshest tomatoes, and a Speedy Spicy Eggs and Mega Mango Splat, which makes the most of leftover mango chutney after a curry night for a protein-packed dish.

Each recipe is quick and simple to make and uses some of the most commonly wasted household foods, such as bananas and bread, in order to help these food shop essentials last longer and stretch further.

Ben Fogle said: “It’s fantastic to now be part of a real Beano comic strip, as well as their first ever cookbook with Ocado.

“Throughout the process of being Beano-fied and the recipe and comic creation, I’ve had lots of conversations with my own children about how we can make the most of fresh ingredients, so that groceries last longer, and have fun in the kitchen in the process.”

The cookbook, has been launched with Ocado after its survey of 1,000 parents, of children aged six to 12-years-old, found 56 percent said they had never had a conversation with their children about food waste.

And more than a third (37 percent) of children said they would like to cook more with their family at home.

Two-thirds of parents said their children are more knowledgeable about environmental issues than they were at that age, providing an optimistic outlook when it comes to transforming our habits.

A quarter of parents said the removal of best before dates is helping them to make better use of their food, although 89 percent admitted it was important the ingredients they cook with are as fresh as possible.

Despite freshness being a key priority for most, the new cookbook looks to ensure shoppers are clued up when it comes to using up ingredients that are just past their best, from squishy veg and not-so-soft bread.

Rachel Cox-Reynolds, director of sustainability at Ocado Retail added: “Helping families make their food go further is a big priority for us.

“We offer the freshest produce so customers’ fresh food stays fresher for longer. In launching the cookbook with Beano, Dennis and his friends are on hand to offer loads of playful ideas to help families get the most out of their groceries.

“By bringing a burst of fun and imagination, we hope children and parents will get stuck into learning more whilst having lots of fun at mealtimes.”

Mike Stirling, of Beano, said: “Our first-ever cookbook has been inspired by our readers, who care deeply about helping the planet.

“Dennis, Bananaman and their friends have come up with fresh recipes to encourage less food waste and more great food taste.

“Beano readers and fans can now enjoy the Jammy Dodger French Toast, the Nearly Gone-offee Pie or the other recipes for the whole family.”

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