Chocolate Piñatas and Pink Margaritas Are Just a Few of the New Treats on Disney's All-Pink Menu

Move over Regina George, because Walt Disney World is kicking off Summer with all-pink everything. The parks are currently hosting an Imagination Pink celebration in honor of Minnie Mouse’s favorite color, and as cute as the clothing collection is, I can’t stop staring at all the new pink treats. Including everything from cocktails to cupcakes, the special menu features flavors like bubblegum, raspberry, and strawberry, so we already know they’re going to be as sweet as Minnie herself.

You can already get your hands on Minnie Mouse macarons and pink cake pops at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park, but if you really want to get involved in the photo-worthy treats, Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs is now offering cupcakes filled with raspberry jelly, chocolate-covered strawberries, churros with hot pink sugar, and pineapple coconut cocktails!

While those all sound delicious, I have my eye on the Imagination Pink Piñata, available at The Ganachery at Disney Springs, which is a chocolate sphere filled with vanilla bean marshmallows and rice crisps, and decorated with a bright pink Minnie Ears headband. The chocolate sphere even comes with a mini hammer to crack it open! See some of the tastiest treats from Disney’s Imagination Pink menu ahead.

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