Chrissy Teigen's Secret to Perfect Hot Chocolate Has Us Drooling

Hot chocolate is like pizza — even mediocre hot chocolate is still pretty good. But there are ways to jazz up this seasonal favorite beyond using milk instead of water when making a packet of Swiss Miss. For grown-ups, we can’t resist adding a splash of peppermint schnapps or Irish cream liqueur to the mug, but for a more kid-friendly, or kid-inside-us-all-friendly, version, Chrissy Teigen came up with a hot chocolate hack that left us drooling.

Her secret to the perfect mug of hot cocoa? Cereal marshmallows. We’re talking the bright, colorful kind you can find in a box of Lucky Charms, or, if you’re really enterprising, you can buy in bulk on Amazon.

Now, these marshmallows don’t come in the same fun shapes as you may remember from your favorite bowl of cereal as a kid, but they come in the same bright colors and have the same initial crunch that turns nice and silky-tender after sitting in hot liquid for a while.

You can use them for a number of things, not just for dressing up your cocoa. Try adding them to boring cereals that would otherwise go stale in the pantry, stirring some into a softened pint of ice cream, using them to decorate cookies and cakes, or as the finishing touch to an epic milkshake.

The marshmallows come in a 1 pound bag, which should be more than enough for a season of sipping hot cocoa. Buying them in bulk will also save you time compared to if you wanted to pick the marshmallows out of a box of cereal.

Teigen says she’s never using another kind of marshmallows in her hot cocoa again. As for her daughter Luna, who was trying cocoa for the first time? She thinks the marshmallows look like something the dog should eat.

Parenting: you can’t win ’em all! In the meantime, though, that just means more marshmallows for Teigen!

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