Colman's is launching a Scotch Easter egg – for those who love savoury treats

If you love Easter, but hate chocolate eggs, you’re certainly not alone.

In fact, a brand new product launch is dedicated for those who would rather switch out sweet treats for savoury ones when Easter Sunday rolls around.

Colman’s has launched the first ever Scotch Easter egg – in partnership with British butchers across the UK.

As the name suggests, the Easter treat will be in Scotch egg form – but with a seasonal twist.

Instead, the brand is turning the conventional Scotch egg on its head, by swapping traditional pork for lamb. It also comes with mint sauce for dipping.

Colman’s is teaming up with local butchers around the country to make this happen.

As a result, these Scotch Easter eggs will be available for people to purchase from butchers in different UK cities, such as Finest Fayre in London, Peter Treble in Bournemouth and Top Notch Scotch Egg Company in Durham.

The idea is that each butcher will be selling the limited edition Scotch eggs, using their own locally-sourced British produce.

So if you’re looking to switch things up this Easter, this one-of-a-kind Easter egg could be just the ticket.

Kyrie Merryman, marketing manager at Colman’s, said: ‘This really is the time to shine for mint sauce, so this Easter, we are giving Brits the chance to switch their chocolate eggs for locally-made scotch eggs, made even more unique by using lamb meat and Colman’s Mint Sauce for a real Easter special.’  

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