Customers fuming to discover Percy Pig advent calendars don't contain Percy Pigs

Percy Pigs are no strangers to controversy.

The beloved pig-shaped gummy sweets, created by Marks & Spencer, have an intensely dedicated following – and when it was announced the retailer was changing the recipe to make all the sweets vegetarian, it really divided opinion.

Now, Percy fans are upset again. This time over the contents of the Percy Pig advent calendar.

You would think it reasonable to assume that a Percy Pig advent calendar would reveal individual Percy Pigs behind every daily window – in fact, that’s probably why you would buy the thing in the first place.

So imagine people’s dismay when it turned out the calendar only contained chocolate. Yes, boring old milk chocolate behind every square.

People were livid.

‘FURIOUS!!’ raged one disappointed customer, Tracey, on Twitter. ‘I bought this Percy Pig advent calendar for a dear friend who doesn’t like chocolate!! DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE!

‘Why would you put chocolate in a Percy Pig product! She’s very embarrassed by not eating it and I’m furious.’

Another added: ‘Actually fuming that my Percy Pig advent calendar is just s***ty advent calendar chocolate and not Percy Pigs every day! @marksandspencer whats that all about??’

Responding to Tracey’s tweet, the Marks and Spencer social team explained that the contents of the calendar is actually printed on the front of the product.

‘I’m sorry we have let you down, Tracy but we have mentioned on the front of the packaging that the advent calendar does contain chocolate. I will make sure our Food Teams are aware of your comments for next year.’

But it looks like quite a few people didn’t get the memo.

‘The reason we bought Percy pig advent calendar was for Percy pigs not tiny rubbish chocolate,’ said one Twitter user.

‘First day of winter and my children are disappointed that the Percy Pig advent calendar from @marksandspencer doesn’t contain pig shaped chocolate. Nothing ‘Percy’ about it at all,’ added another.

Consider yourselves warned.

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