Does Pepsi taste different now? Brand's recipe change upsets customers

When it comes to fizzy drinks most of us sit firmly in one camp or the other: you’re either team Pepsi or team Coke.

But those die-hard Pepsi fans might be swapping allegiance, as the brand has changed it’s recipe.

Pepsi’s new reformulated recipe contains approximately 57% less sugar meaning a 330ml classic can of Pepsi will now contain only 15 grams of sugar rather than 36 grams.

A two litre bottle will now contain 91 grams of sugar down from 213 grams.

The move has seen long-time Pepsi fans vowing they will be ‘coming home’ to Coke.

We’ve only just come to terms with the fact that Sprite has changed it’s recipe and now Pepsi have done it too.

There’s still time to stock up on the old verison, as the change hasn’t been completely rolled out yet, and the new flavour will take some time to be stocked in certain places.

Shops will sell all their original recipe stock first before beginning to sell the new recipe.

While Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max will not have a recipe change, drinkers have taken to social media to express their dissapointment with the new taste.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Since when does regular Pepsi now have sweeteners? One of the last remaining soft drinks that I could still enjoy is now ruined as well. Looks like Coca-Cola Classic is the last remaining bastion of actual real sugar.’

Another complained: ‘Honestly, regular Pepsi that is sold in the UK supermarkets, the new recipe is utterly disgusting. Honestly hope your sales plummet. Not even advertised on the packaging.’

One essentially broke up with the brand on Twitter, writing: ‘Well thanks Pepsi, firstly for not mentioning the new recipe on the cans or the bottles, and secondly for adding sweeteners which I and thousands of others are sensitive to. I’m sorry Pepsi, it’s over. Hey, Coca-Cola, I’m coming home baby!’

There is however one glimmer of hope. Pepsi fountains at pubs and restaurants, will continue to serve classic Pepsi.

So, if you’re desperate for a fix you can still get it.

A spokesperson for Pepsico said in a statement: ‘We are making changes to improve the nutritional profile of our snacks and beverages, building on nearly two decades of work prioritising low or no-sugar drinks in the UK and Ireland.

‘Today, over 90% of the colas we sell in the UK and Ireland are sugar-free versions.’

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