Former Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano Debuts New Cooking Show

Former Disney star, Christy Carlson Romano, is returning to the small screen!

The 35-year-old just launched “Christy’s Throwback Kitchen” – a new cooking series on YouTube just weeks after candidly revealing her past struggles with depression and alcohol abuse.

The Even Stevens actress admitted to binge-drinking and self-harming as she attempted to make the difficult transition from child star to adult actress. But instead of shying away from the shows that made her a child star, Romano is embracing her Disney roots and applying elements of those iconic shows to her new web series.

“I have been ready to explore how I embrace my past, but also do something fun. It’s still valuable to fans, the things I’ve done in the past,” Romano told Page Six on Thursday.

“I’m not one of those people who’s going to be completely denying the nostalgic factor of Even Stevens or Kim Possible or Cadet Kelly or anything I was associated with, so why not lean into it? Why not enjoy the fact that I have people who really like to talk about it and want to celebrate it? So I think this show is a celebration of nostalgia.”

For the first episode, which premiered last Thursday, Romano and her former Kim Possible co-star, Will Friedle, remade the animated series’s famous nacho taco, a.k.a “The Naco.”

“I think it’s a really great segue into talking about their relationship to the show that made them a celebrity and talking about one element from an episode and tying it all together,” Romano continued. “I think a lot of times what’s hard about nostalgia shows is you get wrapped up in the same questions, in the same conversations. Doing something like this is going to be able to diversify the conversation and the fact that I know the person, I think, will inherently change the dynamic as well because it’s not your typical interviewer.”

While Romano didn’t mention specific names, she did hint that some more former Disney stars, from Lizzie McGuire and The Cheetah Girls, will also be making appearances on her cooking series.

“We also have something that we will be shooting. All I’m going to say is that it’s a musical and it’s coming out soon. Anyone who’s a fan of Even Stevens could probably know what this means,” she revealed.

Romano  is also focused on being a mom – the star and husband, Brendan Rooney, welcomed their second daughter, Sophia Elizabeth, in February.

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