Heinz finally solves ketchup's slow-pour predicament

Heinz finally solves ketchup’s slow-pour predicament

Heinz finally found a solution to their glass bottles issues of ketchup’s slow-pour predicament

Heinz has finally solved the problem of ketchup being impossible to pour.

OK, you might be inclined to point out that plastic squeeze bottles addressed that a long time ago.

Still, Heinz is offering help to people who prefer old-school glass bottles.

It turns out you've got to hold that bottle at a very specific angle.

When held like that, the ketchup should easily slide on out of the bottle, without any tapping the side, shaking up the tomato-based contents, or sticking a knife through the opening. In order to make it simple for users to achieve the proper pour position, Heinz made one simple change: It put the company label at a 45-degree angle.

Now, all a ketchup connoisseur need do is hold the bottle so that the logo is straight and upright. Then pour.


Fox News reached out to Heinz to see if this new bottle would be coming to the United States, or if free-flowing ketchup would be limited to Canada. There was no immediate reply.

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