Lidl is selling a pizza oven for your garden for £99.99

Oh, so you’re the type of person who likes to make their pizza from scratch, instead of just ordering in.

Aren’t you fancy.

If that is you (or you have dreams of becoming that person), you can’t settle for just popping your dough in your kitchen oven.

Nope, you’ll need a special pizza oven to really show off your sourdough base.

Handily, you don’t need a load of money to get your own. Lidl is launching their own pizza oven for your garden for under £100 – £99.99, to be exact.

The pizza oven is made from durable steel and is finished in black high temperature paint, so it looks suitably impressive for all the garden pizza parties you’ll now be having.

It’s got a cordierite pizza stone base to cook a 12″ pizza like a pro. Just make sure you keep the pizza in there for long enough, unless you want a floppy slice.

The oven also doubles as a BBQ in case you get fussy guests who don’t fancy Italian food. You just pop on the chrome plated cooking grill and voila, you can barbecue whatever you fancy.

If you’re already envisioning a summer spent outside sipping rosé and eating carefully crafted pizza made for all your friends, you can get your paws on Lidl’s pizza oven from today, 13 June, in store.

We’d recommend moving quickly, though. Don’t let those other pizza planners get there first, or your home-made margherita won’t feel nearly as impressive.

And if you want to take your Italian chef status to another level, Lidl is also selling a pasta-making machine for £14.99.

Or you could always take the easy road and order in. Just saying.

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