Mars release its first ever chocolate spread

There’s a new spread on the block for fans of the iconic Mars Bar (or Marathon, if you’re more advanced in years).

Not content with Nutella or Biscoff? You can now get your hands on Mars spread, launching in stores on August 12.

The £2 treat sees swirls of caramel, nougat, and milk chocolate through the jar, and goes on toast just as well as it does in your morning bowl of porridge.

A Mars spokesperson said: ‘Mars’ lovers rejoice, as for the first time ever, you can now experience the distinctive taste of a Mars bar as a spread.

‘Stir the new Mars spread into your daily oats, top your toast or pancake, add to your favourite bake, transform your barbecued bananas or dip in some strawberries. The possibilities are endless.’

Like the M&Ms and Maltesers spreads that went before it, this one will be available at Aldi.

Last year, a Mars rice krispie treat that can be cooked in the slow cooker hit headlines. Not only is it an easy recipe, it’d work perfectly with a dollop or two of this folded through it.

Similarly, whipping some of this through buttercream would make for a beautiful icing on this Mars bar lava cake that can also be made in the slow cooker.

If Mars isn’t your things, there are countless other spreads on the market to brighten up your meals.

Two Lindt options (dark and hazelnut) grace the shelves at Asda, and B&M has Snickers peanut butter for those who want something a little bit nuttier.

Pretty much think of a confectionery, and there’s a spread of it. What a wonderful world.

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