Martha Stewart's 2-Ingredient New Year's Eve Cocktails Are the Tastiest Way to Toast 2023

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The New Year is almost here, and what a year it’s been. There were a lot of big things that happened this year, from the good to the bad (and even the ugly), and we think most of us are ready to toast to 2023 and what lies in store (hopefully, with less ugly). But if you’re as bedraggled from the holiday season shenanigans of the past week as we are, you might not feel up to creating a complicated signature cocktail this year. Not to worry! Martha Stewart, the queen of simple elegance, has a solution. Her 2-ingredient New Year’s Eve cocktails are surprisingly simple, but pack a punch of flavor and look divine while doing so.

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All you’ll need to make Stewart’s two-ingredient cocktails is fruit sorbet and a bottle of dry sparkling wine. Stewart recommends Prosecco, but you could also use Cava, or even a bottle of the good stuff — Champagne. Since you’re mixing it with sorbet, though, don’t feel like you need to spring for a pricy bottle. Any of these sparkling wines under $20 would do.

As for the sorbet, you can really play around with the flavors. If you have some extra energy, you could try making your own sorbet from scratch, which is as simple as pureeing frozen fruit with a little simple syrup in a food processor.

For store-bought flavors, raspberry and mango sorbet are fairly traditional, but you can also find a lot of exciting options available these days. Just make sure you use some pretty glasses that show off the gem-like hue of your sorbet and the swirl of sparkling wine that surrounds it.

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The resulting drink is a cocktail that might remind you of the foamy sherbet punch you had at school parties as a kid, but with an elegance factor of about 1000. And, since you didn’t have to spend a ton of time gathering ingredients and mixing up your cocktails, you’ll have extra time to focus on the appetizers.

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Martha Stewart has a few New Year’s Eve recipes you’ll want to check out, and Ina Garten’s go-to New Year’s Eve dinner recipe is so simple yet decadent, it’ll have you saying “how easy is that?” to any party guests who will listen.

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