Matthew and Camila McConaughey Volunteer at 5-Star Restaurant for the Homeless

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Everyone deserves a good meal, no matter their circumstances—and this restaurant in Paris provides just that and more. 

Refettorio Paris is a five-star restaurant near Champs Élysées that serves free daily meals to those affected by poverty, disability or refugee-status. It was created by Jean René, a popular French artist who goes by JR, and his wife, Prune Nourry. The couple is good friends with The Gentlemen actor Matthew McConaughey, 49, and his wife, model Camila Alves McConaughey, 37, who recently stopped by the restaurant to do their part and volunteer for the cause.

Camila documented their experience at the restaurant in a post to Instagram, raving about all that Refettorio Paris does for the community.  “In Paris we got to volunteer at our friend @jr and his wife’s amazing @refettorioparis,” she wrote in the caption. 

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“I have never seen anything like it!” she continued. “For instance when guests arrive someone checks their coat, they have beautiful dishware, the room looks like it’s from a movie, the meals are cooked by Michelin Star chefs, and the list goes on and on!! They bring a dignified experience to guests (refugees and homeless) that’s been lacking for many of them for a long time!”

The photo Camila posted shows her and Matthew inside the restaurant, smiling with plates of dirty dishes and donning patch-covered white aprons. Camila explains in the caption that the restaurant is an uplifting, positive place to be because, “Everyone at @refettorioparis puts their best self and best being forward to be a part of this experience!” 

Camila also noted that all the produce the restaurant uses comes from places where it otherwise would have been thrown away. “I don’t know why we can’t do that in the states?!” she wrote.

Tagging both René and the restaurant, Alves put out one final plea at the end of her post: “If you are in Paris, you must try to volunteer and donate!! 💛💚💛”    

The pair have been married since 2012 and share three children, Levi, 11, Vida, 9, and Livingston, 6. The family has been traveling in France throughout the month of July, with Camila documenting the trip on Instagram as she hits hot spots like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

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