Nando's launches pepper feta dip and brings back a discontinued fan favourite

Last week Nando’s teased – quite heavily – the launch of Fully Loaded Chips.

We can confirm they are now on the menu and ready to order, and damn do they look good.

Nando’s fans are pleased to say the least, with many on social media tagging their pals in the update eager to go and try them.

The brand describes them as ‘a cutlery-free, dripping-in-sauce, cheese-pulling sharing experience’, and you can get them as a sharing side.

Or, you know, keep them for yourself.

The new dish was inspired by a ‘Nando’s hack’ invented by diners and Nando’s employees on social media.

It involved people ordering PERI-salted chips, cheese slices, hot sauce of your choice, meat from three chicken wings, and chilli jam.

Now finally, you don’t need to go to the trouble and can order it ready made, with PERi-Salted Chips, pulled chicken in your chosen spice, cheddar cheese, spring onions, smoky PERi-Tamer sauce and a creamy dressing.

Alongside the Fully Loaded Chips, Nando’s has introduced the new Pepper & Feta Dip.

It’s made with roasted peppers, tomatoes and garlic, then topped with feta.

Paired with pitta bread, it’s the perfect dip for your side dish.

And there’s one more addition – an additional spice level. For those who missed the Garlic BBQ mild hotness level, it’s back.

The mix of smoky and sweet went down well with diners back when it first was on the menu, so fans will be pleased to see its return.

Get ordering.

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