Poking method that makes ‘perfect’ fried eggs hailed ‘genius’ by internet users

Though flipping eggs may seem the most logical approach to making your sunny side-ups extra crispy, some cooking experts believe otherwise.

Chefs across TikTok have long insisted that the temperature of the oil is crucial for achieving crispy edges. Now, they’re proposing poking the egg white instead.

This is what content creator Hailee Catalano (@haileecatalano) explained when she took to TikTok to share her method in a post captioned “perfect crispy fried eggs.”

“This is what I find to be the best and easiest way to make a nice crispy fried egg,” she declared. “To show how versatile this method is, I’ll be making it in non-stick and in stainless steel.

“I put my pan over medium heat with a good amount of olive oil in the bottom and I let that heat up. I like to crack my eggs into a cup first so that it’s not too hard to crack it open over the hot oil.”

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The eggs only go into the pan once the oil is hot and shimmery, taking precautions not to get burnt by the oil, which is bound to bubble at such high temperatures.

She added: “A little trick that I like to do is poke that thick white part that’s closest to the yolk, this helps make sure that the white cooks through and you don’t have any of that gross non-cooked white.

“You essentially just let it cook over medium heat until it’s nice and crispy and the egg released itself from the pan.”

Once the egg starts sliding across the surface of the pan, it’s a surefire sign that the eggs are ready to be served. As proven in the clip, the hack is as effective in a non-stick pan as it is in a stainless steel.

“I would have never thought to poke into the egg whites, that’s genius!” wrote one viewer, to which the content creator replied: “Works so good!”

Another quipped: “This is how we make fried eggs in Cuba 🙂 apparently in the Phillippines as well.”

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A fourth viewer quipped: “Great method! I’ll try with avocado oil.”

Speaking to the Mirror, former MasterChef contestant Juanita Hennessey previously confirmed that basting the oil is more likely to produce a crispy finish than flipping the egg.

“You need to ensure the oil is hot before you start frying,” she noted. “Baste, don’t flip, and season as you go.”

“I like to add a pinch of dried chilli flake or cayenne pepper just to give them an extra kick. Smashing!”

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