Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate is now selling beer

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The British Royal family has expanded its beverage portfolio once more, and this time it’s with beer.

Sandringham Estate – the “much-loved country retreat” of Queen Elizabeth II, recently announced it had developed two different brews that began selling on Tuesday, May 4.

“We’re thinking ahead to Fathers Day and what better way to celebrate than with one of our new Sandringham Beers,” the estate’s announcement tweet reads. “Sandringham Estate has developed an IPA and a Bitter from organic Laurette Barley grown on the wider Estate and is available to buy now from the Sandringham Shop.”

Sandringham’s “Olden IPA” features a yellow and brown label with an illustrated pheasant while its “Best Bitter” features a green label with an illustrated hare.

Both animals are native to the 20,000-acre rural estate, which has made a commitment to “maintaining the environment and the habitat,” according to Sandringham’s conservation webpage.

According to The Sun, the Sandringham Beers are brewed by the Norfolk-based Barsham Brewery, and are made from organic spring barley and water.

The bottles hold roughly 16.9 ounces of beer and currently retail for around $5.50 (£3.99) per bottle at the Sandringham Shop, where visitors can purchase their beers between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. local time.

Much like the other alcohol-based drinks the royal family has put out, the Sandringham Beers don’t appear to be available for international shipments.

Previously, Sandringham Estate had launched a namesake gin that was available for online orders shipped in the U.K. But, the website where the spirit was being sold is not active at the time of publication.

The e-commerce website for the Royal Collection Shop is still up and running. Wines and spirits made from ingredients that are sourced from Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyroodhouse are available for delivery to addresses in the U.K.

Retail sales for the Royal Collection Trust between 2019 and 20202 totaled more than $27.6 million (£19.9 million), according to the trust’s most recent annual report.

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