Quick and Easy Frozen Treats that Will Have Your Kids Drooling

Summer is synonymous with ice cream, popsicles, and other frozen treats. Sweaty beach days, playing on the playground, and general frolicking outside means the kids need something to beat the heat, and they need it now. Adults need frozen goodness too (looking at you, margarita) but for the kiddos, their palates probably aren’t refined enough to give a shit that you spent 6 hours making fig and thyme gourmet popsicles you saw on Pinterest. They want something simple, straightforward, and delicious. Bonus points if it’s served on a stick.

So we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the most amazing, quick and easy frozen treats your kids will be clamoring for all summer long. Get used to having everything in your house be perpetually sticky, because these treats are guaranteed to be requested again, and again… and again… From frozen key lime pie on a stick (yes, seriously) to toasted marshmallow milkshakes, to 5 minute kiwi pops, we’ve got the full spectrum of goodies to keep you and your tiny humans cool, if only for the three seconds it takes for them to devour them.

Saltine crack ice cream sandwiches

If you haven’t already worshipped Deb Perlman, the mastermind behind Smitten Kitchen, you’re about to. These saltine crack ice cream sandwiches are aptly named- they are crack. Delicious, chocolate goodness with ice cream and toasted nuts, you’d better make a few batches in one go, because these won’t make it till lunchtime.

Honey and lemonade popsicles


Ok, ok, hear me out, I know I said kids don’t have refined palates and won’t appreciate crazy popsicles, and you’re looking at this like ‘I’m pretty sure there are flowers in those popsicles…’ You are correct. But these floral honey lemonade popsicle are the sweetest, truest taste of the best months of the year, has no crazy flavors (honey and lemonade are both kid approved, I promise) and the flowers inside will intrigue and delight. Just make sure you use edible ones. Heck, pop a cricket in there, see if they go for it. My three year old son definitely would.

Toasted marshmallow milkshake

Good news, this toasted marshmallow milkshake has milk in it, so therefore…it’s healthy? Maybe not, but after your kiddos drink it, it will be the only thing they ask for. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing, that tastes as good as this milkshake, and as the liquid version of smores, it’s the perfect summer treat around the campfire. Or, you know, in the bathtub once the kids have gone to bed. Just saying.

Peaches and cream smoothie popsicle

Think there’s no such thing as a healthy popsicle? Think again. These healthy peaches and cream smoothie popsicles are both tongue tingling and pretty good for you. It has no sugar in it (gasp!) just perfectly ripe seasonal peaches that are sweet enough on their own. And it only has three ingredients; peaches, greek yogurt, and honey. If your kids like the whole fruit variety of popsicle, leave some peach slices out of the blender and stick them down the side of your popsicle molds for that tasty hidden treasure.

Chocolate-covered frozen bananas

Beyond simple and easy, this chocolate covered frozen bananas popsicle hack is as easy as sticking a banana on a popsicle stick and letting your kids go nuts with their favorite toppings. Drizzle some chocolate, add some chopped nuts, shredded coconut, melted peanut butter, dehydrated fruit- the list is endless and the possibilities will keep this frozen treat a favorite all summer long.

Peanut butter chocolate-dipped popsicles

Who doesn’t love something dipped in chocolate? This classic flavor combo of this peanut butter chocolate dipped popsicle is what makes it so dang good. Plus the natural, good for you ingredients like coconut milk, bananas, hemp seeds, dates, and cocoa powder. That sounds like an aisle in the health food store but just look at these bad boys.

Key lime pie on a stick

Yes. You heard me. Pie on a stick. PIE ON A STICK! This frozen key lime pie on a stick is the goal of all dessert goals, and is truly mind-blowing. Key lime is especially refreshing for the dog days of summer, but you could do this with any custard pie. I bet your mind is reeling right now, amiright? To cut down on time, use store bought pie, stick your popsicle stick in the slices, freeze, and dip in chocolate. Just make sure the pie is good and frozen before you try to dip.

Raspberry crushed ice granita

I don’t know if crushed ice was a fond memory in anyone else’s childhood, but this unbelievable raspberry crushed ice granita will make you a crushed ice snob. Deb uses 3 different kinds of raspberries if you feel like being fancy, or you could stick to tried and true goodness of red raspberries for a stain-your-tongue treat that is going to be your go to dessert from now on.

This is the easiest frozen treat there is. If you have no time, limited ingredients but want to give your kids a fun way to beat the heat, slice up some fruit (literally, any fruit whatsoever, dip it in chocolate, pop that stick in the freezer and 15 minutes later you’re the cool mom. This is also a great one the kids can make for themselves.

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