These December 2019 Aldi Finds Feature Alcohol-Infused Cheeses

It’s time to take your holiday festivities to the next level with some new seasonal eats from Aldi. These December Aldi Finds are a surefire way to light up your next Christmas party. Featuring a selection of alcohol-infused cheese and cheese-filled ornaments, it’s looking like the tastiest winter yet.

Aldi stans are already familiar with the chain’s monthly finds on the food and drink, but the brand really stepped it up for the month of December. Beginning Wednesday, Dec. 11, you can pick up Emporium Selection Alcohol Infused Cheddars. For just $3.99, you can choose from a variety of alcohol-infused cheese that’ll be a hit at any gathering, including Boozeberry Vodka Cheddar Cheese, Whiskey Business Cheddar Cheese, and Gaelic Glory High Cheddar Cheese, which is infused with Irish creme liqueur.

While you’re hitting the shelves at your local Aldi this month, I’d suggest checking out the other holiday goodies that are already for sale, such as the Emporium Selection Festive Cheese Truckle, which was released on Dec. 4 and includes a Santa-shaped Cheddar Cheese with Port Wine for $3.99. You can also score star-shaped and snowman-shaped cheeses, although they won’t be infused with any booze.

Cheesemongers will also delight in Aldi’s cheese-filled ornaments, which is now on sale nationwide. The Emporium Selection Holiday Cheese Ornaments went on sale on Dec. 4 and come with a wedge of cheese in a clear plastic ball with either a white snowflake or a Christmas tree design. You’ll be able to choose from four individually wrapped pieces of cheese — mild cheddar or grass-fed aged cheddar. An ornament will set you back $4.99 at Aldi stores.

Aldi’s December finds don’t end there — make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more goodies going on sale later this month. You can looking forward to satisfying your booze and cheese cravings with the Specially Selected Red Wine Cheese and Sparkling Wine Cheese, which is aged in Prosecco D.O.C. Wine. Both 7-ounce cheeses go on sale Wednesday, Dec. 18 and cost $4.99.

You don’t have to worry about catching a buzz from any of the infused cheeses, since they’re just soaked in the spirits and wine and don’t have any alcohol content. All of the Aldi Finds will only be on shelves for a limited time, so get started on your holiday shopping as soon as you can.

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