These peas look like they're upside down and it's confusing everyone

Take a look at this picture.

At first glance, it’s just a standard not particularly appetising menu image, right?

But if you take a closer look at the peas, it starts to get weird – because they are defying gravity.

The pie and chips are completely normal but the peas appear to be upside down.

The image was posted on Twitter by Spotty Len who said: ‘Why are the peas upside down. It’s f**king me up.’

People responding to the tweet were pretty confused. Peas are round – how can they possibly be upside down?

The picture looks a bit like it’s been photoshopped, with the picture of the peas being inserted upside down so the perspective is completely wrong – and it really messes with your mind.

One person rotated the plate so the peas were the right way, but of course, then the pie and chips were upside down.

Some people even said they could see it both ways, bringing us back to that dress, those shoes and the Laurel/Yanny debate – all things that really divided the internet.

If the pea picture is still making your head hurt, it was also posted on Reddit, where one user explained why it looks slightly odd.

Darwin2500 said: ‘The issue is that the occlusion is wrong. The peas that are further away from you on the plate are in front of(occluding) the peas that are closer to you.

We guess that makes sense but it’s still making us a little queasy.

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