Woman revives floppy carrots with just a glass of water

We throw away around 6.6 million tonnes of food every year – and quite often, that’s forgotten fruit and veg.

You buy it at the start of the week with the best intentions, but it isn’t long before it starts to wilt.

But one woman has revealed a trick to get more time out of floppy veg.

Australian woman Lottie Dalzeil posted on TikTok showing how she dipped a carrot in water for five minutes to revive it.

The business owner captioned the video: ‘This is a game changer.’

Talking in the video, she says: ‘Do you have some old, bendy carrots sitting in the fridge? Well don’t throw them out, they’re probably just dehydrated.

‘Pop them in some water for five minutes – yes this does work – pull them out and they will be as good as gold!’

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Although some weren’t convinced by the hack, it is something that food waste groups have also recommended.

Love Food, Hate Waste New Zealand explains: ‘If your carrots have gone slimy or black the only thing they should be feeding is your compost bin, not your family. But if your carrot has gone limp, it can easily be revived by soaking it in water.’

When vegetables go soft like this, they are simply dehydrated so the water restores them, using osmosis to absorb the water.

You can also use the trick for celery and potatoes if they are looking a little soft.

Some might take longer than five minutes as it depends on how dehydrated they are.

Lots of people said they’d just throw it out and buy more because they wouldn’t want to eat a carrot like that but Lottie wanted to highlight how we can use up more food, rather than throwing it in the bin.

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