Gardening: ‘Easy’ to manage ‘beautiful’ winter plants – how to brighten up your garden

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To achieve the perfect winter throughout the winter season, experts at have shared insight into some of the best winter flowers and plants. A spokesman for the company said: “We want to encourage homeowners to spruce up they gardens all-year round, and the amount of easy to manage winter-flowering plants make it easy to do so.

“Flowers such as winter heather and winter clematis are beautiful throughout the winter with their bright colours but also spread over areas so make a huge impact in any size garden.”

The company also shared their top flowers for winter, including snowdrops and the Christmas rose.

The experts said: “Snowdrops are appropriately named for the season and the first bulbs of the year to flower, heralding the New Year and thriving from January to March.

“There are a variety of types, including single and double flowered types. All of which are sure to brighten up any garden.”

Snowdrops grow well in moist and well-drained soil as well as liking to be in the shade.

They can also be grown in pots, although may need repotting annually.

Another plant the experts recommend growing is the Christmas rose. said: “Super festive and perfect for the winter season are these gorgeous small white roses.

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“They are the first of the hellebores to flower, usually in January but sometimes as early as Christmas.”

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), Christmas roses grow best in fertile, evenly moist soil, although should be fine in most soil types.

Winter heather and winter clematis were amongst the other plants suggested by the experts.

As well as brightening up the garden with purple and white flowers, winter heather often spread once planted and inhibit weeds as they grow.

Winter clematis, also known as Clematis cirrhosa flower in December and January.

The experts said this makes them the “perfect” flower to include in garden landscapes during the winter season.

Daphnes also bloom early in February, great for sourcing up a winter garden. added: “They flourish in window boxes, large containers, mixed borders, areas of dry share and even gravel gardens.”

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This makes them ideal for anyone who may have a smaller outdoor space.

Other recommended plants include mahonia, Algerian iris and winter aconites.

Algerian Irish can be seen flossing as early as Christmas, all the way through to March.

The experts explained: “The large lilac-blue petals of this iris are revealed throughout the darkest days of winter.

“The petals are held close together which makes for a fuller and larger iris. In mild weather, they can be seen flowering as early as Christmas through to March.”

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