Home and Away spoilers: Mason finds out if he’s going to jail

Mason (Orpheus Pledger) has been anxiously awaiting his court date after being arrested for possession of marijuana and potentially facing charges for trafficking to a minor. With the medical trial of CBD oil for Raffy (Olivia Deeble) now on hold, and his little sister beginning to suffer from seizures again while she waits to see if she’ll be accepted onto an official trial, Mason has been getting more and more frustrated.

Following the publication of his article in the local paper about why people should support medical marijuana, Tori (Penny McNamee) and Justin (James Stewart) have been trying to convince him to keep his head down until the hearing – which was then moved to a much earlier date. After going to see the lawyer, Mason discovered he would have a much better chance of succeeding if he had a medical professional speak out in support of the oil, but Tori was initially reluctant to help him out.

Fortunately, she has since come round, but as there’s no guarantee what the result will be, the Morgans are left feeling nervous on the morning of his court case/sentencing hearing. While Mason appreciates the support, he’s too nervous to eat, despite Raffy trying to make him something. However, he’s more confident knowing he has Tori’s letter of support.

As Mason leaves, he comforts Raffy and assures her that everything will be OK, but she isn’t convinced, blaming herself for the hearing and feeling she would be responsible if he was sent to prison. She starts to catastrophize as she waits for Mason to return from court, and although Marilyn tries to comfort her, Raffy says that everyone she loves is leaving her.

When Mason finally returns with Justin and Tori, he reveals the good news – he’s a free man. He won’t have a criminal conviction recorded, and was instead given a section 10. Brody (Jackson Heywood) invites the family to a celebratory lunch at Salt, but Tori is confused to find Mason looking pensive at the bar.

She asks why he doesn’t look in the mood to celebrate, and he says that, although he’s glad he received a lenient sentence, Raffy still has a long way to go when it comes to managing her epilepsy – and he’s not finished fighting for medical marijuana…

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