Home and Away spoilers: Robbo’s life in peril as he faces killer gang

Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Robbo (Jake Ryan) have been forced to move to a motel in Yabbie Creek after Colby (Tim Franklin) wanted Bella (Courtney Miller) to move back in with him. With the Feds still watching for the killer gang’s next move, the pair have been living a limited existence, and after an explosive row, Robbo stormed out of the motel room and recklessly drove away, leaving Jasmine frantic.

Willow (Sarah Roberts) overhears Jasmine on the phone to Irene (Lynne McGranger) at the Diner, and goes to the Pier Apartment to get Colby to help look for Robbo. Colby finds him at the gym, where he is furiously taking out his anger and frustration on a punching bag. Clearly in a bad way, Robbo is unable to talk until his anger has subsided.

Robbo is ready to give up on the investigation, and has started to question whether Jasmine would be better off without him. However, Colby decides to serve Robbo some tough love to combat the self loathing, saying that he needs to pull himself together and fix things with his new wife while he still can.

While the situation with Jasmine manages to get patched up, Robbo isn’t in the clear any time soon, as he notices an envelope tucked away in his car as he drives to visit Lance (Angus McLaren). He opens it to find an ouroboros symbol – a snake eating itself – accompanied by the message TICK TOCK, TIME’S ALMOST UP.

He immediately calls Lance and asks about the symbol, but gets no further insight. Later, in the motel room, Robbo is trying to work out what the snake symbol could mean when he gets a call on the motel phone. A distorted voice tells him that they have eyes on Jasmine and he needs to come to Black Smith’s Wharf alone the next day.

In the morning, Robbo heads down to the wharf without telling Jasmine what’s going on. He has a tracking device from the Feds hidden in his sock, and he’s told Lance to get Jasmine into a safe place if he doesn’t return in 48 hours…

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