Houseplants: Best trailing plants for your home – ‘these are most reliable’

Gardeners' World: How to care for houseplants

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Trailing plants are a great way to add colour and interest to your home. They make the perfect bathroom decoration and even look good trailing from bookshelves and window sills. If you’re new to caring for houseplants, it can be hard to know which trailing plants are best for your home.

CEO of independent houseplant site Friends or Friends, Silver Spence, has explained which trailing plants are the “most reliable” for your home.

She explained: “Generally the most reliable trailing plant is going to be the golden pothos or Hawaiian pothos.

“An epipremnum will be your best bet.”

A golden pothos is also known as “devil’s ivy” or Epipremnum aureum.

The plant has many names, partly due to how popular it is.

This trailing plant is very versatile and looks good on shelves, mantelpieces and can even be trained to climb walls.

The plant requires light watering and likes rooms like bathrooms where there is moisture.

However, if you want something more exciting, Silver recommended a scindapsus.

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Silver continued: “If you want to go for something more exciting, which most people do, you can go for a scindapsus which is also known as a pothos.

“I would go with a scindapsus Brazil or you can say it as a heart-leaf Brasil on our website.

“Or a heart-leaf philodendron which is the same as a scindapsus.

“Those are probably your best bet.

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“When you give them support, the leaves will grow really big and the scindapsus will just have massive, huge leaves and the pothos will have huge leaves with fenestrations.

“It just depends on what you like.”

Philodendron scandens is also known as the sweetheart plant, or heart-leaf, due to its leaf shape.

The Brazil variety has golden-yellow variegated leaves.

The actual vines can grow very long and even have a curtain effect if left to thrive.

They can survive in low light conditions but prefer medium or bright indirect sunlight.

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They’re a small independent company bringing affordable houseplants to your doorstep – because plants are friends.

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