How to clean a BBQ after use: FOUR tips to prepare for every cookout

Dan Walker shows off his barbecued brisket on Father's Day

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Weather forecasts have started cheering up today, following a washout weekend for the UK. Storm warnings have lifted off and briefly given way to some Sun, which will cement itself this week. As such, the coming weekend could offer an opportunity for people to unearth their disused barbecues and host a cookout.

How do you clean a barbecue after use?

Barbecues will accumulate all manner of grime after use, from caked-on grease to leftover food pieces.

When it comes to cleaning them, there isn’t a one size fits all approach, however.

People will want to alter their methods depending on the type of mess they want to clean.

For grease

People who want to tackle grease will need to waste a vital component of their weekend barbecue.

Beer is a valuable ingredient for cleaning up hardened grease, as its bubbles will break down the substance.

Cleaners can pour half a bottle over a greasy grate while warm before scrubbing with a hard-bristled brush.

For meat

Barbecues will often strip the surface of meat cooked on the grill, leaving them to harden and stick on.

In this case, coffee is an effective cleaner, thanks to its acidic base.

Soaking the frill and utensils in coffee will pry off burnt food remains or other baked-on stains.

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For a polished look

The above methods will help eliminate any stubborn dirt, but they won’t necessarily polish the grill.

White vinegar will help give the barbecue a bit of a shine when sprayed on the surface.

Cleaners should leave it to sit for five minutes and then wipe the grill down with a dry cloth.

Prepare for the next meal

The best way to keep a grill clean is by making sure it doesn’t get dirty in the first place.

Applying cooking oil before use should help prevent some of the meat’s nastier byproducts from sticking to the grill.

Using oil afterwards also keeps the barbecue in good shape and primes it for the next meal.

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