Hydrangea task gardeners urge avoiding so flowers come back bigger next year

Alan Titchmarsh shows off his hydrangeas

If gardeners take good care of their hydrangeas during winter, the plant will have more and prettier blooms.

During winter the hydrangea is a little bit more sensitive than during the warmer months.

This is exactly what one gardener experienced. Taking to the Gardening UK Facebook page, one man asked for advice on how to help his potted hydrangea.

Scott Anthony said: “Hydrangea sos. Not sure what is happening to these, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated please.

“Not sure if not watering enough, needs deadheading, new pots, something else or all of the above? Thank you in advance.”

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Group members in the comments shared how to care for these plants now so their blooms come back better next year.

Mark Wilson said: “They’re finishing. Just leave them be and avoid pruning and deadheading now until mid-spring, then prune off.”

Kanika Bhatia wrote: “They are finishing a bit earlier than last year as the weather has been confusing. The rain hasn’t helped a lot of people, including me. Although there isn’t any need to water them, we do need to.

“Don’t deadhead, leave them as is and prune them next year during spring. They are hardy and will come back next year.”

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Nick Smith agreed: “Coming to the end of the growing season, it may lose all its leaves soon as well. Leave it until spring once new growth has started and the last frost has been, remove old flower heads and give it a good feed.

“It will be fine but they do need plenty of water all spring and summer. Flowers should come back even bigger and better than ever next year.”

Nikki Rowe claimed: “Hydrangeas need lots and lots of water so I would give them a really good drink. It is normal for some of the flower heads to start to die now, but please don’t deadhead or prune yet.

“I leave the dry crunchy flower heads in place as it protects new buds over winter.

“Then in spring you can snip these off and you will have new ones.

“You may want to transfer into a larger pot next year as hydrangeas also like a large pot and they grow lots. Good luck.”

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