Last chance October gardening jobs: Pruning and sweet peas ‘keep them under cover’

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Gardening expert Ellen Mary is a garden and wellbeing guru, an author, and a podcast host. Ellen, @ellenmarygardening, discussed October’s jobs.

“One for October,” she said, “is quite a lot of people do start sowing their sweet peas for next year.”

Ellen advised: “Keep them under cover.

“Then they develop a really good root system and plant them out next spring.”

In the spring, plant the sweet peas in a sunny, open area of the garden, which has well-drained soil.

They can also be grown in pots with peat-free compost.

Ellen also advised some last-minute pruning.

She said: “I think probably it would be the last month that you would be able to kind of trim up the system.”

She advised, “give (the plants) a light prune back to keep them in fighting shape over the winter.”

She suggested trimming back your climbing roses.

However, for those who aren’t certain what to prune the job can be left until next year, Ellen said.

Ellen said: “Generally, my method of gardening is no-dig and that means every year I put a layer on top of my soil.

“I don’t dig into the soil I just layer it.”

She pointed out weeds are useful for the garden, dubbing some “brilliant”.

She said: “A stinging nettles, of course, their flowers are really important for pollinators.”

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