Little-known tool is ‘best thing ever’ to kill patio weeds ‘permanently’

Gardeners have devised a score of methods to control pesky weeds growing through the crack of their patio, yet the plants often grow back with a vengeance.

The DIY expert behind the TikTok account @mechanicallyincleyend has now taken to TikTok to share a method that is unlikely to let down.

The gardener, who has more than 2.5 million followers, showed his fans how a weed burner can obliterate the weeks in a matter of seconds, leaving no trace.

“If you have a brick patio, you probably know how annoying it is with all these weeds popping up in the middle,” he explained. “What do you typically do, you grab your weed eater and you’re back at it every single week.”

“It’s extremely difficult to get them down to the roots. That’s why they made an option called a weed burner.”

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Weed burning, a practice also known as flame weeding by some gardeners, uses a flame burner to explode the plant cells and destroy their structure.

The ultimate goal of this method is to completely obliterate the stem of the plant, which will ultimately kill the weed and prevent it from returning.

The content creator stresses the importance of wearing protective gear to perform such tasks, however, as the open flame can result in casualties.

Turning to his lawn, the content creator explained: “We’re going to give it a quick little edging, a nice little haircut before we get started.

“Turn your gas on and you can ignite it,” he added. “Now all we have to do is just a nice little crisping on these, anywhere you see weeds.”

Once the weeds have seemingly disappeared, the patio can be left for up to a week before it needs to be checked up on, a which point any remaining weeds can be removed.

Though many viewers agreed that the method was incredibly “satisfying” to watch, some gave their own suggestions in the comments.

“Boiling water also works and is cheaper,” noted one person, while another followed with: “I use table salt. No issues ever.”

Others agreed that a weed torcher is the way to go, however, writing: “My weed torch is one of the best things I ever bought. I use it on the ice on my front stairs in the winter as well.”

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