Spoilers: Multiple deaths in Home and Away during hospital lockdown horror

Home and Away fans will know that the beloved Australian soap is soon to go off air for six weeks over the Christmas break, but Australian viewers will be seeing a huge season finale air in the next week – and the trailer for it has just dropped.

In it, viewers see Northern Districts Hospital under siege from a group of mystery men, and they’re not afraid to get violent, as scenes show Colby appear with the other cops just in time to hear a gunshot fired.

We’re hit with the bombshell that Summer Bay residents will say goodbye to two friends – will this be due to the hospital lockdown? As many fan favourites are inside the hospital when the siege happens, it’s anyone’s guess who pays the price.

At the start of the trailer, we see Jasmine tell Robbo that she wants a baby. She’s also in the hospital later on – and we see Marilyn call out her name in horror. Is the nurse left fighting for her life, and if so, how will Robbo cope with losing family for a second time?

Bella is seen sobbing after taking some mysterious pills which lead to her doubling up in agony outside the Surf Club. Is she about to suffer at the hands of one of the strangers, with Colby losing the sister he fought to find and protect for so long?

Mason is held up against the wall of the hospital by one of the criminals after trying to intervene. With Tori gone for so long in the safe house, and Australian spoilers revealing more trouble lies ahead for the new mum, are the Morgans about to lose another sibling?

Dean points out that ‘everyone we care about is in there’, and we see his sister Mackenzie trying to hide inside the building. Later on, a panicked Ziggy asks where he’s gone. Has he gone inside to try and find Mac, only to get caught in the crossfire?

Several other questions are left unanswered. Why have the criminals arrived in the first place? Is it connected to Robbo’s criminal gang storyline, which saw him take on the Ouroboros gang and spend several months with heavy AFP protection?

Finally, the devastating closing scene sees a huge car crash, with a vehicle rolling over several times in the road. Who is inside, and will they survive?

Australian fans will see these scenes as part of a triple episode airing next week. UK fans will have to wait until March 2020.

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